Uncover your personal colour harmony.

The Colour Insight offers personal colour analysis (PCA) in Stockholm, according to the Sci\ART 12-Tone system taught by True Colour International. The process reveals your best colours and equips you with a colour fan of 65-70 colours to guide you to the clothes, cosmetics, jewellery, shoes and accessories that are your perfect match. 


Uncovering your personal colour harmony

The aim of personal colour analysis is to decode your natural colour harmony. That is how you learn what colour palette belongs to you. You can then extend and amplify this harmony in your clothes and make-up. The result is like turning a lens until everything about you appears exquisite. 

Our societies beliefs about beauty and how we should present oureslves to the world are influenced by people around us, media and fashion. It is easy to lose track, maybe constantly try on different hair colours or chase after fashion trends whilst suspecting something is wrong but not being able to figure out what. The truth is nature already made you perfect, a PCA will make you see how.

"...like turning a lens until everything in you appear exquisite."


Presenting the best version of you

The amazing side effect of natural colour harmony is that the right colour will flatter your skin to show it off in the best possible way. If you are looking for that glowy complexion, look no further.

Wearing your colours is just a question of taking control of optical effects, yet it is more powerful than any cosmetic cream you can ever buy. The right colour will reduces redness, dullness and greyness, minimizes wrinkles and shadows. It reduces darkness under eyes and make teeth appear whiter and eyes more vibrant. And whether you think your natural hair is too mousy, too dark or too plain, you might want to reconsider that after seeing what the right colours can do, 


Creating effortless style

When everything is reflecting your own coloring, it is automatically colour coordinated. It gets so simple and synchronized that you might discover that you need less. Getting dressed in the morning is a breeze, and so is shopping.

When you scroll through a webshop or stroll around in a shop, most things will not even appeal because your colour fan will guide you to the items that will truly will make you shine. These pieces will go with what you already have, and you will feel satisfied with them for years. 

"You are not trying to look like someone else, instead you are enhancing what is special about you."


Connecting your inner and outer self

Getting to know your colours means getting one step closer to yourself. It is your true self becoming visible and it both feels and looks pleasant.

When the colours you wear and the colours you are, speak the same language, you will come across as authentic and unique. You are not trying to look like someone else, instead you are enhancing what is special about you.